Program Director

Andrea Lorene Ludwig Profile Page
Andrea Lorene Ludwig
Associate Professor | Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science
Specialty: Stormwater Management

Expert Team

John R Buchanan Profile Page
John R Buchanan
Professor | Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science
Specialty: Construction Science, Water Systems, & Wastewater Management
Natalie Ruth Bumgarner Profile Page
Natalie Ruth Bumgarner
Associate Professor | Plant Sciences
Specialty: Consumer Horticulture- Field and Greenhouse Vegetable Production
Lucas Andrew Holman Profile Page
Lucas Andrew Holman
Extension Agent II & County Director | Wilson County
Melody Teague Rose Profile Page
Melody Teague Rose
Extension Agent III | Greene County
Specialty: Consumer Horticulture & Master Gardeners
Celeste Scott Profile Page
Celeste Scott
Horticulture Extension Specialist | Plant Sciences
Specialty: My area of focus is residential and consumer horticulture.
William G Upchurch Profile Page
William G Upchurch
Extension Agent III | Cumberland County
Specialty: Livestock evaluation