Manage Pests

Grow native plants and protect beneficial insects that naturally control pests to protect against pesticides running into local creeks.

Manage Pests module presented by Celeste Scott, Extension Agent in Madison County, TN.

Take these actions and be awarded “Inches” towards your Tennessee Smart Yard:

  • Check for pests regularly to detect and determine problems that require intervention. Value: 2 inches
  • Use mechanical approaches to pest control such as pruning and hand removal. Value: 2 inches
  • Protect beneficial insects that control pests and support pollination. Value: 2 inches
  • Spot treat only affected areas, avoiding routine applications of pesticides. Value: 2 inches
  • Use environmentally-friendly pesticides such as horticultural oils and insecticidal soaps. Value: 2 inches


Scouting for common yard pests.

Plant Pests from the Soil, Plant and Pest Center, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture.