Program Promotion Resources

These resources are made available for community partners and local leaders to nurture and grow sustainable landscapes in Tennessee communities. Please use these resources as you promote stewardship of our water and natural resources through Tennessee Smart Yards. If you need further assistance or would like to request additional resources, please contact us at

This text is suggested when linking Tennessee Smart Yards on websites (e.g. stormwater departments, communities, HOAs). Add a sentence about how Tennessee Smart Yards can help preserve the unique character and natural elements of your community to help connect directly with your audience.

Website Promotions

Tennessee Smart Yards is a university-led yard certification program for residents and their private property. Participants first learn about ecologically-sound landscaping principles, then adopt a tailored set of stewardship practices in their landscape that meets their unique needs and environmental conditions. Participants report back their actions as they certify their yards as Tennessee Smart Yards, protecting water and natural resources one yard at a time. Visit to find out more.

Tennessee Smart Yard Communities is a university-led participatory program for communities, ranging from school groups to neighborhood associations and other groups, striving to create healthier, more ecologically-sound landscapes through three main categories of impact: Education, Stewardship, and Connection. To be recognized as a participating Tennessee Smart Yard Community, the community creates and maintains a “Community Action Plan” to execute at least two pre-approved activities under each of the three categories. Participating communities are recognized on a calendar-year basis through quarterly updates to the Community Action Plan. Visit to find out more.

These are example posts for social media platforms when communities want to connect their audiences with the Tennessee Smart Yard program. Add your own photo or choose from the files below.

Social Media Post Examples

“Want to know more about practical, sustainable landscaping practices for your property? Learn from UT Extension experts at your own pace and right from your own home. Check out the new site now to start taking actions towards your certified Tennessee Smart Yard!”  [insert link and yard sign jpeg]

“Are you a new homeowner? Or just want to give your yard a makeover? Breathe new life into your landscape with ecologically-sound practices and then certify your Tennessee Smart Yard with us! 

“Why not turn your at-home science class into something fun for the entire family? Check out the online Tennessee Smart Yards program as something you can all take part in at”  

These files are available to assist in display tables (e.g. Farmers Markets, community fairs, etc.). In line with our program values to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” please consider using paperless options when possible (i.e. QR codes) and reduce waste by limiting give aways.

Table Display Files

These files are available to community partners to use as print promotions at events. Please consider how to reduce waste as well as printing on 100% recycled paper.

Print Promotion Files

Below is a link to a Google Slides presentation intended to be used as an overview of the program. This presentation is intended to be delivered by County Extension Agents, local government professionals, master gardeners or other individuals who have certified their yards. Use this presentation for lunch and learns, garden clubs, and other events where the program could be promoted. The slide set includes 29 slides.

Find Google Slides presentation here.