Right Plant, Right Place

Selecting plants that will work with your site conditions and towards your goals.

Right Plant, Right Place module presented by Lucas Holman, Extension Agent and County Director in Wilson County, TN.

Take these actions and be awarded “Inches” towards your Tennessee Smart Yard:

  • Determine your family‚Äôs landscape objectives (e.g. entertainment areas, play areas) and level of maintenance desired (e.g. extent of mowing). Value: 2 inches
  • Assess yard site conditions (e.g. light availability, soil characteristics, topography, drainage patterns) and incorporate into sketch. Value: 2 inches
  • Sketch your yard including long-term goals (e.g. space use, aesthetics, level of maintenance). Value: 2 inches
  • Group plants according to site conditions and maintenance needs. Value: 2 inches
  • Remove or avoid using invasive/exotic plants and incorporate native plants. Value: 2 inches
  • Preserve existing vegetation, especially trees, during land disturbance activities. Value: 2 inches


Leveraging Your Landscape” guide for homeowners and landscape professionals to help set goals and assess environmental conditions towards sustainable, functional landscapes.

Landscaping with Native Plants from the Tennessee Invasive Plant Council.

Tennessee Smart Yards Native Plant Database