Arisaema triphyllum

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Common Name:  Jack-in-the-Pulpit

Light to medium shade, moderately wet to moderately dry moisture level, prefers humus rich soil, neutral to slightly acid pH. 1-2 ft. height, blooms in spring, green flowers, will self-sow.

Germination Code: L, F.  Plants grown from seed will require at least 4 to 5 years to become large enough to flower.

Native Region: Statewide, especially Middle and East Tennessee

Deciduous woods are the preferred location which gives plants early sunlight in spring before trees leaf out.  Female plants produce bright red berries.  Most mammals including deer avoid the foliage which is quite toxic.  Berries are unpalatable to most wildlife but may be eaten by wild turkeys as well as a few bird species.  Long-lived plant.