Baptisia australis

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Common Name: Wild Blue Indigo

Prefers full sun but will tolerate some shade, moderately wet to medium moisture level, most soils including rocky and clay, neutral to slightly alkaline pH.  3 ft. height, blooms spring to summer, blue flowers, will re-seed if planted under optimum conditions.

Germination Code:  C(10), H, I

Native Region: Isolated counties in the Central Basin plus Scott, Hancock, and Hamilton counties

Striking and long-lived favorite perennial. Forms a large, bush-like plant at maturity. Over time plants develop a deep and extensive root system so it is best left undisturbed and not transplanted. May be grown from seed but takes several years to establish.  Effective when used as a specimen plant or planted in groups. Attracts butterflies.

Wild Blue Indigo - Baptisia australis
Photo Courtesy Ruth Anne Hanahan
Wild Blue Indigo - Baptisia australis 2
Photo Courtesy of Keith and Patty Horn, Horn’s Prairie Grove, email: