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Carex pensylvanica

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Common Name: Pennsylvania Sedge, High Meadow Sedge, Common Oak Sedge

Dappled sun to light shade, medium to dry moisture level, prefers light textured soils, slightly acidic to neutral pH.  6 – 12 inches height, spreads slowly by rhizomes.

Germination Code:  C(60).  Difficult to grow from seed.

Native Region:  Limited number of counties in Middle and East Tennessee

Cool season.  This sedge has pale green, arching, fine-textured leaves that turn sandy brown in fall.  Forms a lush carpet with time.  Can be a fine groundcover and can be used as a drought-tolerant lawn in shady areas.  Benefits from some afternoon shade and requires a well-drained soil.  Very drought- and shade-tolerant but cannot withstand regular foot traffic.  Attracts birds.

Pennsylvania Sedge, High Meadow Sedge, Common Oak Sedge - Carex pensylvanica 2
Photo courtesy Wikipedia