Carex plantaginea

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Common Name: Seersucker Sedge, Plantainleaf Sedge

Light to medium shade, medium to moderately dry moisture level, rich soil with organic matter, tolerant of a range of pH.  8 – 10 inches height, spreads by re-seeding at a slow to medium fast rate.

Germination Code:  ?

Native Region:  Eastern half of the state

Cool season.  Delightful, clumping evergreen sedge best suited for shady woodlands.  Showy foliage provides a unique texture.  Has broad puckered leaves, up to 1 inch across, and tinged with red-purple at the base and on the sheaths.  Makes a good groundcover.  Tolerates a dry sandy site but will not spread as freely.  Prefers the same types of habitats as ferns and often found near ferns.

Seersucker Sedge, Plantainleaf Sedge - Carex plantaginea
Photo courtesy of John Hilty