Conoclinium coelestinum (Eupatorium coelestinum)

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Common Name:  Mist Flower

Part sun to light shade, moderately wet to moderately dry moisture level, most soils except rocky, moderately acid to neutral pH.  2 ft. height, blooms late summer to early fall, lavender blue flowers, spreads by underground stolons.

Germination Code: C(90)

Native Region: Statewide

Very attractive.  Good plant for a colonizing groundcover.  Can spread rapidly and become a pest in the damp, slightly acid soil it prefers.  Needs extra water if placed in the hot summer afternoon sun.  Attracts bees and butterflies. Birds eat the seed.

Mist Flower - Conoclinium coelestinum (Eupatorium coelestinum) 2
Photo Courtesy Katie Walberg