Conradina verticillata

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Common Name: Cumberland Rosemary

Full sun; medium to dry moisture level; requires sandy or rocky soil;  ? pH.

1 foot height by 2-3 feet spread; blooms May-June; pinkish lavender flowers.

Growth Rate:  ?

Maintenance:  Easy to grow as long as its requirements are met.

Propagation:  Easy from cuttings

Native Region:  Only found along sandy, rocky streambanks in the Cumberland Mountains

Designated a “Threatened Species” in Tennessee.  A member of the mint family and is a desirable plant for rock gardens.  Its tiny, fragrant, needle-like foliage has the look and aroma of the kitchen herb rosemary.  Semi-evergreen leaves.

Cumberland Rosemary - Conradina verticillata 2
Photo Courtesy of Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center