Coreopsis tripteris

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Common Name: Tall Tickseed

Full to part sun; moderately wet to moderately dry moisture level; adaptable to poor soils including, sandy, rocky, and clay; pH adaptable.  3-9 ft. height (usually 4-5 ft.), blooms summer to fall, yellow flowers, freely self-seeds.

Germination Code:  A

Native Region:  Scattered lightly statewide, concentrated in Cumberland Plateau

Low maintenance plant with showy flowers. This species of coreopsis has a rhizomatous growth pattern (spreading by underground creeping rootstalks) and is reliably perennial even in clay soils. It is also disease resistant. It is aggressive, especially in moist conditions, and can form large colonies.  Attracts birds, butterflies and bees.

Tall Tickseed - Coreopsis tripteris
Photo Courtesy Prairie Moon Nursery