Diervilla sessilifolia

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Common Name: Southern Bush Honeysuckle

Full sun to light shade; medium to dry moisture level; tolerant of a range of soil including clay; acidic to neutral pH.

3-5 feet height by 3-5 feet spread; blooms in June and July; sulfur-yellow flowers often fading to red; fruit is a two-chambered, many seeded, thin-walled capsule.

Growth Rate:  Fast; suckers.

Maintenance:  Easy and adaptable.  Low maintenance and free of pests and diseases.  Should be pruned back in early spring.

Propagation:  Seed germination code A.  Easy from cuttings, root cuttings and seed.

Native Region:  Limited to 8 counties, primarily in the Unaka Mountains and the Ridge and Valley province.

An attractive shrub that is both functional and durable.  Long-blooming and provides good cover for difficult spots.  Good for bank stabilization. On rich, moist soil, it spreads more aggressively, so is better off in a fairly dry soil where it is more restrained.  Can withstand heavy shade but best in full sun; needs some sun to retain its ornamental qualities.  Cultivars available.  Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and bees.

Note:  Do not confuse this choice, native shrub with the wild honeysuckle bush, Lonicera tartarica, or the Japanese honeysuckle vine, both of which are invasive exotics.