Dryopteris celsa (D. goldiana subsp. celsa)

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Common Name: Log Fern

3-4 feet tall by 1½-2 ½ feet spread. Part shade to full shade; wet to medium moisture level; rich, humusy soil; slightly acidic to neutral pH.

Maintenance: Low

Growth/Colonizing Habit: Spreads by short, creeping rhizomes but clumps are well behaved and not invasive.

Foliage: Semi-evergreen but fronds tend to topple over in fall.

Native Region: Scattered statewide but concentrated primarily in Middle Tennessee

Easy-to-grow fern with an upright shape and erect, shiny green fronds. It is a fertile, naturally-occurring hybrid between D. goldiana and D. ludoviciana. Prefers rich, humusy soil in bright shade with protection from winds and requires wet or constantly moist soil. Often found growing on rotted logs, hence the common name. Occurs naturally in moist woods and swamps.