Euonymus americanus

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Common Name: Strawberry Bush, Heart’s-a-bustin, Bursting-Heart

Part sun to light shade; medium moisture level; rich organic soil; slightly acid pH.

4-6 feet height by 3-4 feet spread; blooms in May; pale green to purplish flowers; rose red seed capsules in September.

Growth Rate:  Slow

Maintenance:  Susceptible to euonymus scale

Propagation:  Seed germination code C(90).  Difficult by seed.  Semi-hardwood cuttings taken in fall root readily without hormone treatment.

Native Region:  Statewide

Unassuming shrub most of the year but is spectacular in fall when the leaves become dark red and the bright red fruits open to display scarlet seeds, hence the common name.  A plant in heavy fruit is beautiful.  Will take medium shade but fruits less.  Leaves are favored by deer which can quickly demolish the shrub.  Attracts songbirds and wild turkey.

Strawberry Bush, Heart’s-a-bustin, Bursting-Heart - Euonymus americanus 2
Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia
Strawberry Bush, Heart’s-a-bustin, Bursting-Heart - Euonymus americanus
Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia