Heuchera parviflora

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Common Name:  Littleflower Alumroot, Little-leaf Alumroot

Part to full shade, medium moisture, rich humusy soil, neutral to alkaline pH. 8-12 inches height, blooms summer into fall, pale pink flowers.

Germination Code: M. Direct seed outdoors for 5 months before germination.

Native Region: Concentrated in the Cumberland Plateau

Very small flower grown mostly for its leaves. Best planted in groups and good for rock gardens. Consistent moisture required. Plant will scorch and generally decline in foliage if soil is allowed to dry out. Typically found in deeply shaded areas such as under rock overhangs and cliffs, almost always without direct sunlight. Occurs naturally in very restricted locations of moist, shaded to semi-shaded sandstone bluffs and on rock outcroppings on limestone, sandstone or dolomite substrates.

Littleflower Alumroot, Little-leaf Alumroot - Heuchera parviflora
Photo Courtesy of Kris Light http://www.easttennesseewildflowers.com/