Lobelia cardinalis

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Common Name: Cardinal Flower

Partial sun, wet to moderately wet moisture level, rich soil, slightly acid pH.  2-4 ft. height, blooms in summer, red flowers.  Easy from seed but does not re-seed readily.

Germination Code:   C(60), D

Native Region: Statewide

Brilliant red flowers that are beloved by hummingbirds.  This plant is a water lover and best with a constant supply of moisture.  Can take full sun if planted in a pond or along a stream bank where it has a steady supply of water.  Will not survive in clay soils. Not long-lived and needs to be divided every 3 years in order to survive.  Roots are very shallow and easy to divide.

Cardinal Flower - Lobelia cardinalis 2
Photo Courtesy Katie Walberg
Cardinal Flower - Lobelia cardinalis
Photo Courtesy Katie Walberg