Muhlenbergia capillaris

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Common Name: Pink Muhly, Pink Hair Grass

Full sun to light shade; medium moisture level; best grown in sandy, sandy loam, or rocky soil; acidic to neutral pH.  2–3 feet height, blooms in fall, pink to pinkish red flowers, will naturalize by re-seeding.

Germination Code:  C(90).  Easy to start from seed.

Native Region:  Limited to 12 counties in total, scattered across all provinces.

Tough, easy-to-grow warm-season grass.  Showy, conspicuous flowers. Large, airy, much-branched seed heads up to half as long as the entire plant.  Spikelets are purple, and in fall the plant has a feathery, deep pink hue.  Fast growing.  Needs regular watering during the first growing season and then is fairly drought tolerant.Cool season. Clumping grass with light green, narrow, grassy foliage.  Leaf blades have long, soft hairs on the blade edges.  Needs well-drained soil.

Pink Muhly, Pink Hair Grass - Muhlenbergia capillaris
Photo Courtesy of Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center