Podophyllum peltatum

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Common Name:  Mayapple, Mandrake

Part to full shade, medium to moderately dry moisture level, prefers rich humusy soil, slightly acid to neutral pH.  12-18 inches height, blooms late spring to early summer, white flowers, spreads aggressively by rhizomes.

Germination Code: C(90)

Native Region: Statewide

Flowers are showy but are usually hidden under the umbrella-like leaves.  Fruit is a large, fleshy yellow berry.  Plant’s long rhizomes can rapidly  spread into a large colony.  Goes dormant in summer.  Grows under deciduous trees, not under pines.

Mayapple, Mandrake - Podophyllum peltatum 2
Photo Courtesy of John Hilty http://www.illinoiswildflowers.info/