Rhus glabra

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Common Name: Smooth Sumac, Scarlet Sumac

Full to part sun; medium to dry moisture level; grows best in poor, well-drained soils but will tolerate many soil types including soil that is slightly saline; tolerates a range of pH and is more tolerant of alkaline soils than other sumacs.

9-15 feet height by 9-15 feet spread; blooms in summer; yellow-green flowers; flattened, globe-shaped fruit covered with red, sticky hairs.

Growth Rate:  Very fast and aggressive.  Forms thickets from root suckers.

Maintenance:  Drought-resistant and infrequent disease and insect problems.  Some susceptibility to leaf spot, rust, scale, aphids and mites.

Propagation:  Very difficult from seed

Native Region:  Scattered statewide

Large, open, deciduous shrub with an irregular, spreading shape.  Has short, crooked, leaning trunks and picturesque branches.  Leaves become extremely colorful in fall.  Can be weedy and invasive.  Very difficult to contain and is best reserved for wild areas where it is good for erosion control.  Occurs naturally in open woodlands, prairies, dry rocky hillsides and in canyons.  Attracts birds and butterflies.