Ribes aureum (R. odoratum)

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Common Name: Golden Currant

Full to part sun; medium to moderately dry moisture level; tolerates a range of soil types; slightly acid to slightly alkaline pH.

3-6 feet height by 3-4 feet spread; blooms in spring; bright yellow flowers; orange fruits at the end of summer.

Growth Rate:  Moderate. May spread by root suckers to form clumps.

Maintenance:  Easy to grow.  May be an alternate host for white pine blister rust so not a desirable plant in areas of commercial pine production.

Propagation:  Seed germination code C(60).  Scarification of seed helps germination.  Easy from cuttings.

Native Region:  Occurs only in Montgomery County

Very tough, ornamental deciduous shrub with numerous, erect-arching branches that form an irregularly shaped crown.  Flowers have a powerful, sweet, clove-like fragrance.  Sweet, flavorful fruits are full of seeds but still make tasty jams and jellies.  Begins fruiting after 3 years.  Good for soil stabilization and can be used on dry, exposed sites.  Valuable food source for songbirds, chipmunks, ground squirrels as well as numerous other wildlife species.  Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and bees.

Golden Currant - Ribes aureum (R. odoratum) 2
Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia http://www.wikipedia.org