Saxifraga pensylvanica

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Common Name: Swamp Saxifrage, Eastern Swamp Saxifrage

Full to part sun, wet to moderately wet moisture level, tolerates a wide range of soils including clay, adaptable to a wide range of pH.  1-3 feet height, blooms in spring, green/white flowers.

Germination Code:  C(60), D

Native Region: Only occurs in Johnson County

Designated an “Endangered Species” in Tennessee. Occurs in wetlands. Flowers vary greatly in color and may be white, yellow, green and even shades of purple.  Likes light shade but can be planted in full sun where weather is cooler. Attracts bees.

Swamp Saxifrage, Eastern Swamp Saxifrage - Saxifraga pensylvanica
Photo Courtesy of Prairie Moon Nursery