Sedum ternatum

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Common Name: Woodland Stonecrop, Wild Stonecrop

Part sun to light shade, medium moisture level, tolerant of a range of soils, neutral to slightly alkaline pH.  3-6 inches height, blooms late spring into summer, white flowers, spreads by self-sowing and by creeping stems which root at the nodes.

Germination Code:  ?   Very tiny seed, best propagated by division or cuttings.

Native Region:  Middle and East Tennessee

Attractive woodland wild flower for the shade garden.  Easy to grow and drought-tolerant.  Best in rock gardens or use as a groundcover.  Once established, it needs little or no maintenance.   Attracts butterflies.

Woodland Stonecrop, Wild Stonecrop - Sedum ternatum
Photo Courtesy of John Hilty
Woodland Stonecrop, Wild Stonecrop - Sedum ternatum 2
Photo Courtesy of Joy Stewart