Sium suave

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Common Name: Tall Water Parsnip, Hemlock Waterparsnip

Full sun, wet to moderately wet moisture level, mucky or sandy soil.  3-6 feet height, blooms summer into fall, white flowers.

Germination Code:  C(60)

Native Region:  Only occurs in 8 counties – Lake, Obion, Lauderdale, Stewart, Montgomery, Robertson, Humphreys, and Coffee

Usually an aquatic plant occurring in swamps and wet meadows.  Fragrant flowers.  Roots can be boiled and eaten as a vegetable but plants do resemble the poisonous Water Hemlock so are best left alone.  Belongs to the Carrot Family. Attracts bees and is larval food for the Black Swallowtail butterfly.

Tall Water Parsnip, Hemlock Waterparsnip - Sium suave
Photo Courtesy Wikipedia