Solidago rugosa ssp. aspera (S. drummondii)

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Common Name: Cliff Goldenrod, Ozark Goldenrod

Full sun to light shade, medium to dry moisture level, prefers rocky soil but tolerates clay soils, alkaline pH. 1 ½ to 3 feet height, blooms in fall, golden yellow flowers.

Germination Code: A. Low seed viability

Native Region: Statewide

Interesting goldenrod with panicles of tiny, bright yellow, daisy-like flowers. Primarily clump forming and does not spread as invasively as many other goldenrods. Creates a beautiful effect when planted to hang over a rock wall. Good rock garden plant. Easy to grow, low maintenance and drought tolerant. Tolerates light shade but best in sun. Commonly found on ledges, cliffs and dolomite bluffs. Attracts butterflies and bees.

Note: Scientists recently reclassified and renamed this species. However, the new scientific name S. rugose ssp. aspera has not been widely adopted and most all references and nurseries still use S. drummondii.

Cliff Goldenrod, Ozark Goldenrod - Solidago rugosa ssp. aspera (S. drummondii) 1
Photo Courtesy EasyLiving Perennial Wildflowers.