Spigelia marilandica

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Common Name:  Indian Pink, Woodland Pink Root

Part sun to light shade, medium to moderately dry moisture level, organically rich or sandy loam soil, slightly acid to neutral pH.  12-14 inches height, blooms in late spring, red and yellow flowers, will self-sow.

Germination Code: C(60).  Seed may require several months to germinate.

Native Region: Statewide

Desirable, clump-forming woodland garden plant.  Easy to grow and does well in gardens.  Requires 2-3 years to reach its full flowering potential. Promptly removing old blooms in spring will produce a repeat bloom in summer as long as soil moisture is adequate. Does not compete well with aggressive plants. No disease or pest problems. Attracts hummingbirds.

Indian Pink, Woodland Pink Root - Spigelia marilandica 1
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