Spirea tomentosa

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Common Name: Hardhack Steeplebush

Full sun; wet to medium moisture level; best in not too rich soil and grows in medium loams to fine sands, silt loams, wet clays, organic peats and mucks; moderately acid pH.

2-5 feet height by 2-5 feet spread; blooms July to September; pink to rosy purple flowers; dark red to chocolate brown seed capsules arranged in groups of 5 and persisting until late March.

Growth Rate:  Fast.  Spreads by suckering.

Maintenance:  Occasional disease and insect problems.  Easy to grow.  Hard prune every few years when plant is dormant.

Propagation:  Easy from cuttings or from seed

Native Region:  Cumberland Plateau

Small, deciduous, mound-shaped shrub with reddish bark.  Very pretty in flower but pretty nondescript the rest of the year.  Tough, resilient, fast-growing shrub.  Gets its name from the narrow, pointed flowers on stiff canes.  Occurs naturally in swamps, pond shores and wet meadows.  Intermediate wildlife value.  Attracts bees and butterflies.