Vaccinium pallidum (Vaccinium vacillans)

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Common Name: Late Lowbush Blueberry, Blue Ridge Blueberry, Hillside Blueberry

Full to part sun; medium to dry moisture level; sandy or rocky soils; strongly to moderately acid pH.

1-3 feet height by 1-3 feet spread; blooms in spring; white, red, or pink flowers; ΒΌ inch, dark blue berries with a whitish tinge in midsummer.

Growth Rate:  Medium

Maintenance:  Easy as long as pH requirement is met

Propagation:  Readily propagated by seed or hardwood cuttings, also by division of suckers in spring.  Conflicting reports on seed germination code; either A or C(90).

Native Region:   Middle and East Tennessee except absent in the Central Basin

Deciduous shrub with juicy, sweet berries. Spreads by underground runners on favorable sites.  Can be used as a groundcover and is good for erosion control on steep slopes.  Occurs naturally in upland sites, rocky forests, thin wooded bluffs, rocky hillsides, sandy forests, sandy roadside embankments, and abandoned sandy fields. Attracts birds, mammals, butterflies and bees.

Late Lowbush Blueberry, Blue Ridge Blueberry, Hillside Blueberry - Vaccinium pallidum (Vaccinium vacillans) 2
Photo Courtesy of John Hilty