Viola sororia (Viola papilionacea)

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Common Name: Common Blue Violet

Full sun to part shade, moderately wet to moderately dry moisture level, prefers rich but tolerates most soils except rocky, slightly acid to slightly alkaline pH.  6-8 inches height, blooms spring into summer, purple flowers, self-seeds freely.

Germination Code: C(60) or M, D

Native Region: Statewide

Easy to grow plant that can be weedy.  Blossoms make good candy, jam, jelly, syrup and wine.  Edible leaves are high in Vitamin A and C.  Leaves are larval food for Fritillary butterflies.  Attracts butterflies and birds.

Common Blue Violet - Viola sororia (Viola papilionacea) 1
Photo Courtesy of Prairie Moon Nursery