Yucca filamentosa

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Common Name: Adamsneedle Yucca

Full sun; moderately dry to dry moisture level; sandy loams are best but is not fussy about soil and grows in coarse sands and gravels, loamy sands, medium loams, and even pure sand; moderately acid to circumneutral pH.

Up to 3 feet height by 3 feet spread; blooms in summer; creamy white flowers; fruits are a dry, woody, 6-sided pod-like capsule, 1 – 1 ½ inches long in fall.

Growth Rate:  Medium to slow

Maintenance:  Infrequent disease and insect problems.  Remove flower stalk once flowers have dropped.  Otherwise plant requires very little maintenance.

Propagation:  Easy from seed and root cuttings.  Seed sprouts easily.

Native Region:  Lightly scattered statewide

Very small, evergreen shrub with flower stalks up to 6 feet tall.  A member of the Agave family with stiffly erect, spreading, sword-like leaves with sharp, pointed tips.  Real attraction is the 3-6 foot high flower stalks with yellowish white, pendulous flowers that have a somewhat perfumed scent.  Long-lived, very hardy, and very drought resistant.  Deep taproot so very difficult to transplant.  Very low wildlife value but does attract hummingbirds.  Cultivars available.