Yucca filamentosa

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Common Name: Adam’s Needle, Bear-grass

Full to part sun, moderately dry to dry moisture level, prefers sandy soil but accepts loam or heavy clay, circumneutral pH.  1-2 feet height with a 4 foot flower spike, blooms in early summer, white flowers, spreads by seeds and through underground root system to form small clumps.

Germination Code:  A.   Soak seed in hot water overnight before planting.

Native Region:  Scattered lightly statewide except absent in northeast corner of Tennessee

Fragrant flowers with striking foliage.  Easy-to-grow plant that can thrive with considerable neglect. Plants are hardier when grown in poor, sandy soils.  Flower stalk should be removed once flowers drop.  Best method of propagation is division. Pollinated by moths.

Photo Courtesy of Southeastern Flora http://www.southeasternflora.com/